Online Poker: Dial-Up or Broadband?

To play online poker, a person must have three important items put together. These are the computer, the web browser, and the Internet connection. The first one is quite easy to have even when one knows zip about computers. One simply had to find another person who will give advice on the fastest computer that can be bought by a certain budget. In general, one had to think only of a fast processor (Pentium 4 is fast) and a large hard drive (40 GB will be fine).

With the second one, the web browser, one only had to choose between the Internet Explorer and the Netscape. And it really doesn’t matter which one since both offer the same quality. But with the third one, the Internet connection, the must carefully think things out.

An Internet connection is provided by an ISP (Internet Service Provider), which offers either a dial-up or a broadband Internet service. To choose which ISP is a matter of trial and error by most Internet users. But one simply needs to choose an ISP that provides enough reliability so that a player can play online poker.

To choose which type of Internet service, dial-up and broadband, the online poker player must first know the difference between the two, then assess his own specific needs, and then decide which Internet service will meet his demands from an Internet connection.

Dial-up connections are cheaper and easier to set up. One simply purchases a dial-up card, connect the cable for the telephone to the computer, and then follow the instructions found on the card. Usually, the operating system of a personal computer has a pre-installed program for Internet connections and these are user-friendly.

However, there are disadvantages to using the dial-up connections. For one, it will tie up the phone. When a player connects online, no one will be able to contact him. His phone line will register as busy. Second, dial-up connections are slow and unstable. They are notorious at having sudden disconnections. Such is particularly irritating when the online player is right in the middle of hands.

To accommodate online poker players who are using dial-up connections, many online casinos have an automatic “all-in” program. That is, the disconnected player will be read as betting “all-in”. But this “all-in” program is often limited to once a day only.

Broadband connections are definitely faster and more reliable. But it is more expensive and more complicated to install. A technician is sent to visit the house of the subscriber and install the broadband. A broadband can be ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) or DSL (Digital Subscriber Line). It does not tie up the phone line. But broadband is usually available only in cities that are densely populated.

If the poker player is living in an almost isolated island, he cannot hope to get broadband. But if he lives in a metropolis and he is a serious online gamer who spends long hours online, then he should get broadband. If the poker player is relatively new to the Internet, then he should first try dial-up. And if he likes what he sees, he may proceed to broadband.