The Six-Card Stud and its Variations

All stud poker variants and ad-hoc games are based on either the Five-Card Stud poker or the Seven-Card Stud poker. This statement holds true with the Six-Card Stud. The Six-Card Stud poker is essentially a variant of the Seven-Card Stud. The modification has something to do with the last face up card. In the Six-Card stud poker, the last face up round is eliminated.

The sequence, therefore, of the dealt cards is “two down, three up, one down”. But this card sequence can be changed to “one down, four up, one down”, which makes the poker players holding one face up card and one hole card during the first betting round. Such card sequence makes the Six-Card Stud poker similar to the Five-Card Stud.

The Six-Card stud poker has two known ad-hoc variants. These are the Alligator stud poker and the Zanetti stud poker. Here is how these variants are played.

Alligator Stud Poker
  1. The stud poker game begins when the poker players are dealt with two cards, one is an up card and the other is a hole card. After all poker players have received their first two cards, the first betting round is conducted.
  2. After the first betting round, each receives two more cards. But this time, these two cards are both face up cards. With four cards now held by each poker player, the second betting round commences.
  3. After the second betting round, the poker players receive their fifth cards. This fifth card is also a face up card. Some poker players may already have formed good enough hands in this part of the game.
  4. After the fifth card is dealt, the third betting round occurs.
  5. After the third betting round, the sixth (and last) card is dealt to each poker player. This last card is also a face up card. This implies that in Alligator stud poker, there is only one hole card and five face up cards. The five face up card may form the complete hand that will be played by the poker player.
  6. Of course, with the last card dealt, the fourth (and final) betting round is carried out.
  7. Alligator stud poker is best played with either the pot limit or the no limit betting structure
Zanetti Stud Poker
  1. At the beginning of this stud poker game, each poker player receives three cards, two of these are hole cards and one is a face up card. Then a betting round follows.
  2. After the first betting round, each poker player is dealt with two face up cards, and another betting round happens.
  3. Then, the poker players receive their sixth (and final) cards. Again, a betting round is done.
  4. The only restriction to poker players is that for their final hand, they must use all the four face up and only one of the hole cards.

Playing stud poker variations, especially the ad-hoc games, is entertaining and challenging. A professional poker should find himself playing these variants in order to improve his skills and sharpen his mental concentration.